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Aye Cheng has on a number of occasions been been invited to give talks on drafting of wills and probate. Aye Cheng has also been invited to attend seminars on employment law to discuss employment issues prevalent in Singapore and to update on the current employment law in Singapore.

Aye Cheng is an external lawyer on the panel of solicitors of the Legal Aid Bureau and in November 2013 was lauded for her 10 years of service to the Legal Aid Bureau and received a 10 year Appreciation Award. In a Straits Times article published on 14 November 2013, Aye Cheng said “clients often come to her in tears over their marital problems. She makes it her goal to help them move on with their lives” and was quoted “[W]hen I see that they are calm in the end, that makes me genuinely happy”.

Aye Cheng sits on the board of directors of Youth Without Borders, a privately funded Volunteer Network set up to promote the idea that young people should “Be Strong To Serve” in living out the Singapore Pledge to the nation as Singaporeans.

Various other newspaper articles where Aye Cheng has been quoted in:

  1. Divorces - in The Straits Times on 17 August 2014
  2. Adoption - in The Straits Times on 13 June 2014
  3. Maintenance - in The Straits Times on 8 May 2014
  4. Adultery in Wives - in The Straits Times on 4 March 2012
  5. Tenancy Dispute - in The New Paper on 12 October 2011
  6. Coney Island Fishing Tragedy - in The New Paper on 22 November 2011





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